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CIRCollaborative Tools is a European project that brings together 9 partners from the contemporary circus field and the digital field in 2017-2019: La Grainerie (France), La Central del Circ (Spain), Cirqueon (Czech Republic), Festival Circolo (Netherlands), Ideagorà (Italy), Espace Catastrophe (Belgium), The Arts Printing House (Lithuania), ekito (France), the Hungarian Juggling Association-MZE (Hungary).
The project aims to develop collaborative work and the use of digital tools in our professional practices and in the artistic field through action-training workshop sessions and full-scale experiments.

CIRCollaborative Tools is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


One of the goals of CIRCollaborative Tools project is to experiment digital collaborative tools (like shared files, Trello, Slack, and/or more) in the artistic creation process.
To do this, the project offers residency opportunities in several countries of the project to circus artists/companies based in the countries of the project in 2018.
The residencies are supposed to be the base of the experiment and the artists the experimenters.

Through a digital application, at least 8 artistic projects will be selected (1 from each partner country) and one residency will be offered to each one. The residencies place will be:
• La Grainerie (France)
• Espace Catastrophe (Belgium) in June and November 2018
• Ideagorà (Italy)
• Cirqueon / Plum Yard (Czech Republic)
• Arts Printing House (Lithuania)
• La Central del Circ (Spain) in January or July 2018
• Het Klooster (Netherlands)

The residencies are the support of digital collaborative tools experiments. In this framework, the artistic team will have to experiment digital tools during their creative process and especially for the residency offered in this context.
The team should be at least 3 people collaborating together and/or have a specific collaborative artistic project to be experimented.

One member of each selected project should be available and participate to a preparatory workshop in Italy from October 2 to 6, 2017. Costs of the workshop will be covered by the project.

Aims of the workshop are:
• Discover digital tools
• Exchange about collaborative challenges in the creative field
• Prepare what and how they will experiment before and/or during and after the residency
• Schedule the residencies and the repartition among the different creation centres.


Preparatory workshop in Italy:
- Travels, accommodation and food covered

Duration of the residency: 12 full days
- Travels, accommodation and food covered by the project within the limits of the Eramus+ unit costs and depending on the size of the project.
- Grant: between 1.500 and 2.600 € (VAT included and depending on the number of projects supported) paid on invoice.
Technical and logistical details will be settled during the workshop in Italy.


1. To have a creation in progress, or an experiment between circus and digital tools

2. To be motivated to use collaborative tools in a creation process (artists and artistic director/outside eye have to). It can be for your logistical/organization issues, for your artistic research, for the topic of your project.

3. To agree to follow a methodology with collaborative tools for the residency process

4. To live in one of the country of the partnership

5. To agree to share the experiment and to be an ambassador of the project, to participate to the last seminars when it is possible

6. To be familiar with digital environment

7. One member of the artistic team should be available to participate to the preparation workshop in Italy (Torino/Fossano) from October 2 to 6 2017.

8. To fill up the application form and make the video interview (link in the eform)


The partners of CIRCollaborative Tools will select, among all the projects that fulfill the application conditions, 8 artistic projects depending on artistic value criteria.


Application deadline: July 10th, 2017
Announcement of the selection: July 24th, 2017


Please contact your national partner of CIRCollaborative Tools project:

- La Grainerie
Jean-Marc Broqua -
Hélène Métailié -

- Espace Catastrophe
Catherine Magis -

- Cirqueon
Sarka Marsikova -
Lucie Spackova -

- Ideagorà
Fabrizio Gavosto -
Federico Campanella -

Veronika Gallyas -

- Arts Printing House
Gabrielé Ivanauskaité -

- Festival Circolo
Wendy Moonen -

- La Central del Circ
Nini Gorzerino -

Name of the group *
Name of the project *
Description of the project *
Website and/or link to a video, pictures, presentation
Name of the contact person *
Email adress of the contact person *
Country *
Date of the premiere *
General technical needs *
Residency places wanted *
Availability for the preparatory workshop in Italy - October 2 > 6 2017 *
Name and function of the participant to the preparatory workshop *
Interest toward digital and collaborative tools *
Digital collaborative tools and your project *
Video Interview (Mandatory)
Please click on the following link, register on InterviewApp and answer the video interview.

You will have to answer one single question in English, about your motivation regarding the use of collaborative tools.
Language options are available at the bottom of the registration page.

or in alternate, please record the interview and send a dropbox or we transfer link to (please, no videos, just the link to videos)

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