Anime Festival Performance Area Application
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Madman Anime Festival welcomes groups and individuals who wish to take part in our events by taking part in a variety of performances. We are looking for dancers, martial arts performances, singing, music performances etc. We are happy to take a look at what type of performance you would like to display at the event. Please fill in the form below and our team will assess and get back to you to let you know if your slot has been successful.

Application submission deadline is 9 weeks from the event.
We will inform groups around 6 weeks prior to the event of their successful or non successful applications

Submission Dates for each city closes on
Sydney - Sunday January 5, 2020 (CLOSED)
Brisbane - March 22, 2020 (CANCELLED)
Melbourne - June 28. 2020
Perth - August 22, 2020

Audio files are due 14 days prior to the event if you are performing on RED or PURPLE stages
A maximum of 2 microphones will be available on hand, please supply additional microphones if required.
There will not be any screens or visual equipment. No cameras will be provided so please record your own performance if you need to keep a record. There is also no raised stage in this performance area. You must provide your own audio playback equipment such as MP3 player / ipoad and an operator, none will be provided on the day.

Terms & Conditions are available here:

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Type of performance. Please note, due to technical requirements, Bands will not be provided with any connections to PA systems, If your band wishes to perform you will have to provide your own amps. *
Short description about your group, how long you've been formed for, performed at previous events, and a general description that may be used on our website. *
A short description of what you will be performing
All performers must also submit a video of either a past performance or a taped performance as part of the audition process. Please provide a link to a video that we can view to assess. *
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