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Workshop Option 6: Wikipedia Inclusiveness Editathon. (Size limit 15.) Room: Wellington Campus Library Room 5B18.
Presented by: Dr Elena Maydell and Barbara Scott
In the worldwide Wikipedia Editor Survey (2011) of all the Wikipedias, 91% of respondents were male, and the greatest number, or plurality, of editors resided in the United States. We also know that Wikipedia editors tend to be those with sustained access to technology and the internet, and with sufficient income to create ‘disposable’ (leisure) time to spend editing Wikipedia. Your average Wikipedia editor is most certainly not a woman of colour working three jobs to achieve a living wage.
This of course skews the information that is available on Wikipedia, because what is included is what is perceived to be of relevance by the majority of editors.
This “digital blind spot” particularly manifests itself in a gender gap, which makes it difficult for women – and in our case we are interested in female artists and activists -- to find their own predecessors. As editor-activist Sierra Carlson has commented, “the danger is that if information is not in the database, people may conclude that the missing information is not notable or valuable”. Editing Wikipedia to add notable women and their achievements thus becomes of itself an act of protest and inclusiveness.
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