Cassandra Joan Bulter - Study on Sobriety & Psychic/ Intuitives Astrology Signatures
As a gift to you for participating I will offer 15% off any of my many hour long services for healing…including astrology, body work (reiki & massage) or hypnosis! (Discount code displayed upon completion).

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Needed: Sobriety dates of those who have recovered from alcohol/drug addictions AS WELL AS Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives
Sobriety / Psychic / Intuitive Astrology Signatures Research
Thank you for your help and participation with this research! This information will turn into two research studies! Everything will be analyzed ANONYMOUSLY and your names will NOT be used.

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All info is confidential & won't be shared. Initials used to identify you for your participation discount for taking this survey.
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Needed to create a chart of course!
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Please do NOT guess at your birth time. It is needed for chart accuracy. If you don't know- please skip this question.
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This information is needed for any chart.
Recovery/Sobriety Date
If applicable. Not necessary for Mediums/Intuitives/Psychic Research
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