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Today, medical treatments often rhyme with angst and suffering. That in itself hinders significantly the day to day life of patients in health facilities around the world. To handle this, institutes are forced to use a large quantity of drugs that often cause unwanted side effects and may not even alleviate acute pain and anxiety.
We are three healthcare engineers, we create 3D worlds to help reducing pain and anxiety in health facilities using virtual reality.
Your opinion matters to us since we want to create a product that suits your needs.
Thank you for the time you dedicated to us!
Are you?
How old are you?
Virtual reality immerses a user by making him feel his physical presence in a virtual environment.
Exemple of virtual reality headset
Internal view of a virtual reality headset
Would you be comfortable using a virtual reality headset?
If you had to relax with a virtual reality device, which type of world would you prefer to be immersed in?
And in which type of environment
Hundreds of studies have shown that virtual reality has a beneficial effect on reducing pain and anxiety.
If during a medical treatment (ex : before or after a surgery, during an injection ...), your doctor suggested you to use a virtual reality headset in order to relax and reduce your anxiety, would you feel at ease using it?
Do you play games on a mobile phone, computer or game console?
If so, on which platform(s) do you play the most?
And which type(s) of game(s)?
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