MaDiH (مديح) Repository User Survey Form
The purpose of this user research survey is to understand the user experience of the MaDiH (مديح) Repository and collect user feedback to inform future developments of this resource.
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How Do We Collect Data?
Responses are anonymous and no personal information is retained.

**Please do not include any personal identifiable information in your responses.**

King's College London Ethical Clearance Reference Number: MRA-19/20-18360
Title of the study
MaDiH (مديح) Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan
Invitation paragraph
Thank you for visiting the MaDiH (مديح) Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan repository at We are currently collecting users' feedback and we would welcome your input!

Please complete this form after you have searched or browsed our platform and help us improve this resource!
What will happen if I take part in this survey?
If you agree to take part you will complete a survey anonymously. The survey will ask you questions about your experience and  in using the MaDiH (مديح) Repository and invite your feedback. The survey will take you approximately 3 minutes to complete.
Do I have to take part?
Participation is completely voluntary. If you choose to take part you will be asked to provide your consent. To do this you will be asked to indicate that you have read and understand the information provided and that you consent to your anonymous data being used for the purposes explained.

You are free to withdraw at any point during completion of the survey. If you wish to ‘erase’ your responses before exiting the survey, you will need to backtrack through the survey manually. Once you submit the survey, it will no longer be possible to withdraw from the study because the data will be fully anonymous.

**Please do not include any personal identifiable information in your responses.**
Data handling and confidentiality
This research is anonymous and no personal data is collected. This means that nobody, including the researchers, will be aware of your identity, and that nobody will be able to connect you to the answers you provide, even indirectly. Your email address will not be collected and there is no required sign-in. The results of this survey will be stored in a password protected and encrypted file only accessed by the project team. It will be deleted upon completion of the project (February 2021).

The data controller for this project will be King’s College London (KCL). Research is a task that the University carries out in the public interest. Your data will be processed in accordance with the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR).
What will happen to the results of the study?
The results of this user-survey will inform future developments of the MaDiH (مديح) Repository.
Who should I contact for further information?
If you have any questions or require more information about this study, please contact the MaDiH  (مديح) Team at:


Dr Alessandra Esposito
King’s Digital Lab

Shatha Mubaideen
CBRL, The British Institute Amman
What if I have further questions, or if something goes wrong?
If this survey has harmed you in any way or if you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of the study you can contact King's College London using the details below for further advice and information:

The Chair, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Research Ethics Subcommittee
I have read and understood the information provided and I agree to take part in this survey. *
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