Accountability Form - @maddie.shifts
Hello! If you are here to fill out this form, I cannot say how sorry I am. My aim is to always conduct myself in a way that I never need to be held accountable by others. However, I have clearly done something that made you or someone else uncomfortable. I truly and sincerely appreciate that you are taking your own time to make me aware of it and to help me correct my mistakes.

This form is completely and totally anonymous. I have included a place for you to leave your TikTok handle, but that is completely optional - if you choose to provide it, I promise I will only use it to initiate any private follow-up conversations to talk more about what happened or to talk about constructive ways for me to self-correct, as well as any public action that may need to be taken on my part.

Unless absolutely necessary, or requested by yourself, I will not publicize any information submitted in this form, including and especially details about the situation or any identifying information. Feel free to skip any sections you are uncomfortable answering.

I am also happy to talk through TikTok DMs (@maddie.shifts). If you are uncomfortable with any of these means of communication, please let me know and I will work something else out (although I ask that you respect my personal boundaries in return).

As a reminder, my name is Maddie, I am 23 years old, and I use they/them pronouns :)
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Are you filling out this form for yourself or on behalf of someone else?
If someone else, please make sure they are okay with this. I don't want to accidentally cause anyone harm by sending them an unsolicited or unexpected DM.
To the level of detail you feel comfortable, can you explain what happened?
The more detail the better, so that I can fully understand what I did, but I ask that you please provide any appropriate content warnings and do not trauma dump on me.
Do you feel comfortable with the idea of talking with me directly about what happened?
If yes, what else would make you feel comfortable (e.g. where/how you would like the conversation to take place, someone else being present to support you, having a mediator, etc.) If you feel more comfortable disengaging from the issue after submitting this form, that is fine! You are not in any way obligated to help me through the resolution process.
Am I the only one involved, or did someone else make you feel uncomfortable at the same time/in the same way? (No names or usernames, please, unless you find it absolutely necessary)
This can help me hold others accountable, too, but my priority is taking responsibility and self-correcting before attempting to correct others.
Were the others involved adults, minors, or are you unsure?
This is important for me to know if/how private follow-up conversations with others are necessary.
What is your ideal solution? In other words, if you could wave a magic wand and fix everything, what would that look like to you?
I can't promise this will be the action I take to resolve the issue, but I will definitely consider it while reflecting on what happened. It's important to me that you know I'm listening to you.
Is there any other information you wish to provide?
And finally, here is a space for you to leave your TikTok, name, pronouns, or any other personal information you wish to give me.
Again, this is COMPLETELY optional. However, providing your username means that your form is no longer anonymous. If you choose to provide it, I promise to only use it to contact you for follow-up conversations. If you don't feel comfortable with me - a 23-year-old - sending you a DM, please don't include it.
I want to reiterate that none of the information you provided will ever be used unless absolutely necessary, or at your request. This means I won't mention it to my friends, I won't subtweet or shade you in any public or private videos, and I definitely won't hold any grudge against you. In fact, I am sincerely grateful for you taking the time to educate me and inform me of my mistakes.
I cannot say again how sorry I am that I have said or done something to make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you know that I am following you and you wish for me to stop, either remove me as a follower or let me know and I will unfollow you myself. Your safety and boundaries are so, so important to me.
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