Life Purpose
PURPOSE IN LIFE TEST (Crumbaugh & Maholick, 1964)

The psychological study of purpose in life and meaning has its roots in the writings of Victor Frankl, in his book Man's Search for Meaning. Psychologists who's efforts define positive psychological functioning include, Maslow, Rogers, Jung, Allport, Erikson, Buhler, Neugarten, and Jahoda.

For more resources Ryff, 1989; Zika & Chamberlain, 1992, has reviews of the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of purpose in life.

From his experiences in a concentration camp during W.W. II, Frankl observed that life has meaning under all conditions, and that it is psychologically damaging when a person's search for meaning is blocked (Frankl, 1959, 1967; in Zika & Chamberlain, 1992).

“Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning.” ― Viktor E.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select a number between (1 to 5) next to each statement that is most true for you right now.

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1. I am usually: *
2. Life to me seems: *
completely routine
always exciting
3. In life, I have: *
no goals or aims
clear goals and aims
4. My personal existence is: *
utterly meaningless, without purpose
purposeful and meaningful
5. Every day is: *
exactly the same
constantly new and different
6. If I could choose, I would: *
prefer never to have been born
want 9 more lives just like this
7. After retiring, I would: *
loaf completely the rest of my life
do some of the exciting things I`ve always wanted to
8. In achieving life goals, I’ve: *
made no progress whatever
progressed to complete fulfillment
9. My life is: *
empty, filled only with despair
running over with exciting things
10. If I should die today, I’d feel that my life has been: *
completely worthless
very worthwhile
11. In thinking of my life, I: *
often wonder why I exist
always see reasons for being here
12. As I view the world in relation to my life, the world: *
completely confuses me
fits meaningfully with my life
13. I am a: *
very irresponsible person
very responsible person
14. Concerning freedom to choose, I believe humans are: *
completely bound by limitations of heredity and environment
totally free to make all life choices
15. With regard to death, I am: *
unprepared and frightened
prepared and unafraid
16. Regarding suicide, I have: *
thought of it seriously as a way out
never given it a second thought
17. I regard my ability to find a purpose or mission in life as: *
practically none
very great
18. My life is: *
out of my hands and controlled by external factors
in my hands and I`m in control of it
19. Facing my daily tasks is: *
a painful and boring experience
a source of pleasure and satisfaction
20. I have discovered: *
no mission or purpose in life
a satisfying life purpose
You may wait for my email with your score or...
You may add up all the numbers you selected scoring between (20-100).
A score of less than 50 may indicate that you are experiencing an “existential void,” a lack of meaning or purpose in your life right now…
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