Registration Deep Learning Groups 2018
To register please fill in details below then hit submit button. I will receive an automatic notification. You will receive confirmation within 24-48 hours of your provisional booking, with deposit details. The fees of been lowered in acknowledgment of current economic difficulties. Hope that is useful.
Deep Learning Group weekends
DATES: August 18th & 19th // November 24th & 25th

TIME: Day1 09:00 for 9:30 -16:30 // Day2 09:30 for 10:00 -16:00

FEES: R1,000 per weekend.
A commitment is necessary for both days of the same weekend.

You can attend any one of the weekends, or any two, or book for all three. Each weekend will offer a different mix of experience and learning. Minimum 6 // Maximum 10 in group.
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June 2nd & 3rd DLG [PAST]
Commitment for both days is required. Early pay *discount if paid before 14 May
August 18th & 19th DLG [PAST]
Commitment for both days is required. *Early pay discount if paid before 04 August
November 24th & 25th DLG
Commitment for both days is required. Early pay *discount if paid before 5 November
Booking 2 x weekends: August/November [PAST]
Commitment for all 4 days is required. Early pay *discount if fully paid before 4th August
Prior experience of work *
A requirement for the groups is previous experience of minimum 2 x full day systemic constellation workshops.Give brief detail below. If new to work contact Robyn Lewis directly for a pre-interview & session. (If regular attendee of "The Inner Process" workshops or groups simply state this).
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