Cullompton Community College Essential childcare for Critical Workers and Vulnerable students
CCC is closed during the Half term holidays and will reopen on Monday 1st June for the children of critical workers. In term time we can provide care between 8:30 am and 3pm. If you are a key worker and intend sending a child into Cullompton Community College for Childcare at some in the NEXT WORKING WEEK, please continue to complete this form.
Please select the days you will require childcare in the forthcoming week. We are asking in advance so we are able to provide appropriate staffing ratio etc. If you have a particular request... e.g. mornings only please add that in the "other" response. *
Please give your name and a phone number that we can use to contact you or a chosen adult during the day should we need to. *
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Please give your child's/children's names and Year group *
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Have you spoken with your child/children about the ABSOLUTE requirement for them to follow the directions of members of staff regarding social distancing and hygiene? They must not put themselves, the other children, or the staff that have volunteered to care for them at any greater risk than necessary. *
Have you ensured that as far as possible they will be bringing their own equipment, a reading book a packed lunch and if possible hand sanitiser? *
Are you accessing the childcare as the government classes your child as "vulnerable" or is because you are a Key worker? *
If you require childcare due to your status as a Key Worker, please would you provide evidence that you are one of the key workers as defined by the government. This can be a written statement from you telling us your employer's name and address and contact details and why you are a key worker.
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