AHEPA District 5 Membership Survey
Please take a moment to complete this short survey on your feelings about AHEPA. Your response will help the District 5 Strategic Planning Committee in their research on what future actions should be taken to improve your experience in AHEPA. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
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If you are no longer a member, why did you drop out?
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What chapter do you (did you) belong to?
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How well do you feel that your chapter fulfills AHEPA's mission?
What do you feel is AHEPA's biggest benefit, to you personally?
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Is anyone in your family a member of any of AHEPA's affiliates or junior auxiliaries? (select any)
Have you ever served as an officer in AHEPA? *
If you have served as an officer, what is the highest office that you have served?
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If you have not served as an officer (or even if you did), what would convince you to take a leadership position in the AHEPA?
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Were you ever a member of the Sons of Pericles? *
Have you ever attended a District 5 Convention? *
If you have been to a district convention, what part of the convention did you participate in? *
What do you think can be improved in the District Convention?
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Have you ever attended a Supreme Convention? *
If you have attended a Supreme Convention, did you ever serve as a delegate for your chapter? *
Do you know that the 2018 Supreme Convention will be in New Jersey (Atlantic City)? *
How likely are you to attend the 2018 Supreme Convention? *
What do you feel about the frequency of communications from the District Lodge? *
What is the best medium that you would like to receive information from AHEPA? *
What social media sites do you frequently use? *
Are you a member of the District 5 Facebook Group, "AHEPA Family of District 5 (NJ & DE)? *
If not, please search for the group and request to join.
Use this space to further explain any of your previous answers or comment about anything that concerns you about AHEPA.
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