Spring/Summer Training for Fall Half/Full Marathon
I’m looking for 5 runners age 25-45 looking to successfully run a fall half/full marathon.

I am looking for runners who want to:
- Potentially cover the distance for the first time.
- Feel like they ran the event to the best of their abilities.
- Run a personal best

Spots are extremely limited and I’m only looking for 5 who are ready to make a change today. To apply, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch if you meet the requirements:

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How committed are you? 1 being sitting on the couch eating donuts. 5 means you'll live off of broccoli & chicken breasts while getting up at 5am to run if that's what it takes. *
Are you willing and able to dedicate $60 - $200 monthly towards improving your running? *
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