Sienci Beta Tester Registration
We've received dozens of requests for a larger machine. We heard you. This new model aims to be a simple and affordable platform for both large and small projects. We are looking for people to beta test these machines.
As beta testers, we are offering...
- Early access to our machine at a lower price that at production.
- Hands on help from Sienci Labs to get your machine up and running
- Depending on where you live, help assembling the machine or we will assemble the machine for you
- Free upgrades to your machine to bring your machine up to the same specifications as production machines when they are released.
What we ask in return
- Provide us with feedback about your experience with the machine
- Fill us in on the what you are using the machine for
- Let us observe wear and tear on the machine
Beta machine options
A) 500mm x 500mm rails with work area of approximately 1ft x 1ft, $850CAD/$650USD plus shipping
B) 1000mm x 1000mm rails with a work area of approximately 2.5ft x 2.5ft $1200CAD/920USD plus shipping
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