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Consignment Agreement for Spark Bike Run Sports Used Bike Swap
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We only accept bike shop quality bicycles, no department store bikes please.
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Please enter what year or approximate year that it is. Use a question mark after the year if you are unsure.
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Use to determine what condition your bicycle is in. We do not accept bicycles in "Poor" condition.
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The price that you want to sell your bike for. Prices are not negotiable at the sale so you must price it to sell! Use to help you determine the maximum selling price that your bike is valued at.
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How you will be paid if your bicycle is sold.
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Would you like to receive a trade in offer if your bike is not sold? We accept trades year round at a portion of the bicycle's retail value. Store credit only.
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Please enter your full name as a form of signature that you understand and agree to the following terms. By signing below you accept that your bicycle is being submitted for sale on consignment at the event listed above to take place at Spark Bike Run Sports at 263 Bedford Street Lakeville, MA. If your bicycle is sold you may pick up your payment after 12pm on the Monday following the event. If your bike does not sell you MUST pick it up before the Wednesday following the event. We will not hold your unsold bicycle after 10 days following the event. If your bicycle does not sell and you fail to pick it up by then it will be donated to a local youth organization or charged weekly for storage.
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