TEDxWilmington Speaker Application
Thank you for your interest in being a speaker at TEDxWilmington!

The following APPLICATION CANNOT BE SAVED; therefore, review the entire form and make sure you have enough time to fill it out.

There are a few things to know before starting:

- Always say TEDx; never TED when referring to your talk or TEDxWilmington.

- Your talk must be 18 minutes or less.

- Your "Idea Worth Spreading" must be your own and may not address political/religious agendas or directly promote a company, business, or product.

- You will be required to sign a video release form for TED so that your talk may be recorded and uploaded online.

- In this application, you will be required to submit a short video (1-2 minutes), so please be prepared to do so.

- This is a rigorous process and includes many deadlines along the way. Please read the disclosure at the end of this application for more details about the materials due.

Before starting your application, you must verify that your idea is within TEDx Content Guidelines. To do this, please review the following link from TED:


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Video Submission (1-2 minutes)
Before you can submit this form, you are required to attach a video link that distills your Idea Worth Spreading for your proposed TEDx talk. Below are the required guidelines:

1. This video should be between 1 and 2 minutes long, but NO LONGER than 2 minutes. DO NOT use more than 2 minutes, or your application will be disqualified.

2. It SHOULD BE filmed for the sole purpose of briefly and concisely summarizing your message to TEDxWilmington and give our "Speaker Curating Committee" a snapshot of how you come across, in person, with your Idea Worth Spreading. Be specific as possible.

3. Make sure you have energy and passion in your tone of voice, body language, and words.

4. This video should compliment the written portion of your application and give us more specifications of your idea. Do not repeat what you have already said in the written portion.

5. This SHOULD NOT be a reused video from any other previous media appearances. Feel free to film from a computer or smartphone since the video does not need to be fancy.

6. Use either Youtube or Vimeo for your video and make sure it is not set as "Private." Make it "unlisted".

7. Label your video as: "Your Name - TEDxWilm2018", (example: "Sarah Smith - TEDxWilm2018") and paste the link below.

Keep in mind that we receive hundreds of applications so TAKE THE TIME TO PLAN exactly what you are going to say.

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About Your Talk
In the following section, you will be answering questions specifically about the TEDx Talk you wish to give. Some of your ideas may change in the future, but please answer relative to how it stands currently.
What would you like the title of your talk to be? Something short and catchy to grab audiences and viewers. *
Come up with something short, clever, and catchy to grab audiences and viewers. [Your title must be 100 characters or less TOTAL, including spaces, vertical slashes, and the following format: "Title | Name | TEDxWilmington*event*" for instance "Dating is Dead | Kevin Carr | TEDxWilmingtonSalon" - 49 characters] Usually shorter is better, but make sure to use wording that would be easily searchable on the internet.
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What is the desired time length of your TEDx talk? (Maximum: 18 Minutes) *
The shorter talks often get more views, but you are allowed a maximum of 18 minutes, according to TED regulations. Feel free to write in any other unlisted specific amount of time between 2 and 18 minutes, in the "other" section. Be aware that you may not always get the full time you request. TED has recently stated publicly that 12 minutes is the optimum length of a TED or TEDx talk in order to receive the most viewership.
What is your one "Idea Worth Spreading"? *
Think of an overarching message you would want the audience to take away from your talk.
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Why are you the right person to speak on this topic? Please list any job titles, passions, or credentials that qualify you as an expert. *
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What "Call to Action" do you have for your audience? What will they be motivated to do after hearing you speak or how can they take action? *
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Under which of the following categories would your TEDx talk be categorized? Your talk must fall under one of these topics as they are set forth by TED when uploading the final videos. (Please choose one) *
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TEDxWilmington Disclosure
Please carefully read the following before submitting your application.

Please note that there is no compensation paid to any speaker giving a TEDx talk. Travel & Accommodation costs are also the sole responsibility of the speaker.

When invited to speak, you will have to sign an agreement that holds you responsible for the electronic delivery, according to a given timeline, of many materials regarding your talk including, but not limited to:

- A Professional Headshot Photo
- A Biography (and an additional shorter version for program guides)
- An Outline of your talk
- 3 blogs about the process (~300 words each)
- 2 Video drafts
- 2 Powerpoint Drafts (optional)

Please do not apply if you feel that you will not be able to meet given deadlines with these deliverables.

Please direct any questions or concerns about this nomination form to ajitgeorge@tedxwilmington.com

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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