UB's Automated Trading - Wait List
AutomateUB is an automated bot created to bring you both consistency and quality to your cryptocurrency trades. The bot uses a proprietary set of rules to determine a standard for great entries and exits. These trades are also designed to be readily accessible on Discord the moment any trade qualifications become valid. These Automatic Trading Signals are 100% automated and not dependent on human emotion.

AutomateUB is designed to recognize when an asset is gaining or losing strength. It has a set of rules to automatically enter or exit a position when those rules trigger a potential position in favor of that entry or exit. The focus of these rules are NOT to catch the exact top or bottom of the asset, although that can happen on occasion. The rules are more focused on getting into a position when the asset is gaining or losing strength.

As AutomateUB is entering into the position, an alert is sent to Discord and their email so users of AutomateUB can be notified at the time of position. This alert contains some general information that includes:

Asset Type: AutomateUB currently provides full support on both Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Previous Position: The alert will check to see if a contradictory position is open and closes that position. The new alert position overrides any previous open positions (rendering them closed).

The alert also contains a chart of the near exact price AutomateUB enters. Overall, the signals are very easy to understand. The information that UB's Automated Trading Signals provides is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice and only intended for educational purposes only. The information provided is general in nature and not specific to any individual.

The bot is able to enter and exit trades within seconds of receiving the signal. No human interaction needed after the initial setup.

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