Health Needs Assesment by Hashtag HealThy

You are now ahead of the curve! You are one step closer to achieving your optimum healthy state. Now if you are still having second thoughts, let me give you some assurance.

We've been doing this Health Needs Assessment since 2010 through this platform as Hashtag HealThy but because we are a trained medical professional (Nurse) we have been doing it since we were a student. With what we understand through the western medicine, we would like to help people by complementing it to what we now know through the natural and holistic approach.

We have been doing this FREE as a means of our passion to help people understand that being healthy is really simple and also to eliminate external commitments from you (money). You first need to invest your time and attention before you invest your money.

We want WILLING people to sign up and with you clicking the link and going this far, I think that you are. So we want you to give it a try even if you are having second thoughts. There are no commitments aside from your time and attention during our session, that's all.

So, fill up this form and see you soon!

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