Application for access to Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Constellation services
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Constellation services include:
1. Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Constellation Google Group
2. Register for free peer to peer training opportunities for leaders in their field (BCR&W Stellar Register)

3. Register for fee- for- service training listings ( BCR&W Constellation register).
Viewing the BCR&W Constellation register does not require application or approval to access but listing does require you to complete this form including agreement to terms and conditions.

Which service are you interested in accessing or applying for?
These services are suitable and available to health professionals or service providers to breast cancer survivors only. Members are required to have appropriate experience and qualifications to support best delivery of these services.

The BCR&W Constellation Google group and the register for fee- for- service training opportunities ( BCR&W Constellation register) will provide free peer to peer training opportunities for health professionals / service providers.

The register for free peer to peer training opportunities (BCR&W Stellar Register) does not automatically entitle you to access to services registered - however does allow you to connect with the listing person/ agency to request access to the service/s offered.

Your application to access these services requires you to agree to adhere to a code of behavior which includes items such as privacy, confidentiality and copyright laws. Therefore you will be directed to this agreement section.

If you are only applying for viewing the list of fee for service register- this can be accessed after agreeing to terms and conditions at the website.

For Google group and listing/ viewing the Stellar register You will receive a reply indicating your acceptance or denial of acceptance for your application in 7 days after the application has been received.

Which service are you applying for? *
Which email address do you wish to use - (gmail address only for google group) . *
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