CITI-SENSE GEOSS Resource Registration
This template is designed to simplify the registration of CITI-SENSE products (e.g., tools, datasets, portals, Apps, etc.) in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). You can read more about GEOSS at:

The input collected using this template will be added to the GEOSS registry of resources, and made public available on their website. Please complete this template separately for each single tool/product&service/dataset (here refer to the underneath resource) that you want to register in the GEOSS registry.

The form should normally take less than 10 minutes to complete.
Resource name *
Enter the name of the GEOSS resource being registered
Resource description *
Enter a description of the GEOSS resource that being registered (maximum length 1024 characters)
Resource category *
Select the most appropriate category for the GEOSS resource being registered
Responsible organization *
Country of responsible organization *
Resource information link *
Resource interface url
Enter a link to the web interface that can be used by software to invoke the resource (e.g., service endpoint, OGC service). If you do not have a public web interface, please leave this part blank
Resource availability *
Select an operational status for the resource
Standards used by the resource
If applicable, specify which standards that is implemented by the resource (e.g. CAP, OGC services, WFS)
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