Florida-Bahamas Synod 2017 Bishop Election
Please fill out this form to lift up a name of a pastor in the ELCA who you feel has the gifts and skills to be bishop. It is recommended that you talk with this person before you submit their name. You may also submit your own name. All names submitted will be contacted to verify their willingness to be pre-identified. If you have any questions, please contact Ileana Sardinas at ileanas@fbsynod.org or call the synod office at 813-870-0826, ext. 225.
Pre-identification of Persons Open to Call
I would like to lift up the following name of a pastor to be pre-identified for the 2017 Bishop's Election in the Florida-Bahamas Synod
Part 1: Information about person BEING IDENTIFIED
Please fill out as much information as you have as completely as possible
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Part 2: information about the person filling out this form
In case we have questions or need to follow up with you, please let us know who is filling out this form. This information will NOT be shared. If you are self-identifying, simply include "same" as your name.
YOUR NAME and phone number (person submitting the form)
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