YouKnoW! Organisation/Project Suggestions
The YouKnoW! platform wants to document as many youth activities as possible, helping to get a step closer to SDG #6. Citing Philip Kruse from the WYN: "The innovative force of the collective is one of our greatest strength. Together we can achieve anything!"
The YouKnoW! platform is built to enable youth to form such collectives.

Please take a moment to think: Is there any youth organisation (YO) or youth project (YP) you can suggest to us? If some organisation or project comes to your mind, please send it to us through this form.

Youth organisations and projects need to fulfill the following criteria:
+ Youth-led: The YO/YP must be primarily composed by young people or targeting youth (between 18- 35 years).
+ Relevant to the theme of WYN: The objectives of the YO/YP must be related to solving water issue. Also, it should contribute to the sharing of successful and/or innovative water practices.
+There’s information available: The YO/YP should have a website/ facebook page or platform providing the basic information about it (e.g. objectives, type of work). If none applies it needs to be willing to write a short explanation for YouKnoW! and to specify a contact address so other users of YouKnoW! have the possibility to reach out.

You can name multiple YP/YO. Please put a ";" (semicolon) in between. Put all website and/or contact behind each other. Start with the projects. If you do not have a website or email for one YP/YO, please put "; ;" (an empty space).
Name of the project
Name of the organisation
Website (if applicable)
Contact details of the YP/YO (if applicable)
Your name (optional)
Your email (optional: E.g. so we can ask for where you found the YP/YO)
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