Jazz Band Syllabus

Course Information:
Name: Jazz Band
Year: 2018-2019 School Year
Time: 9:20 am – 10:50 am (Block 2-Alternating-Even)
Location: Band Room

Instructor Information:
Instructor(s): Mr. Hayslette
Room No.: Band Room (123)
Office Hours: 11:50pm -1:20pm
Phone No.: 842-5247
e-mail: chayslet@k12.wv.us

Course Description:
Prerequisites: Previous instrumental experience on a traditional jazz instrument.
Successfully complete an audition.

This elective is a performance-oriented course, which will give students the opportunity to express themselves freely within the guidelines of the jazz idiom. The course will include improving listening and playing skills over the entire range of jazz styles from early Dixieland and Blues to contemporary Rock and Fusion. Rehearsals and performances will be scheduled outside of the regular school day as part of the curriculum. Members are expected to practice individually and in extra rehearsals or sectionals. Private instruction is highly encouraged. This class is available to students in grades 9-12.

Requirements and Policies:
Jazz Ensemble literature
Scales in all twelve major and minor keys
Rhythm etudes
Dynamic studies
Articulation studies
Performance techniques particular to each instrument.

Course Requirements: Students are required to attend all regularly scheduled rehearsals and performances. Students should plan on regular practice sessions at home. Students are expected to complete designated exercises as a component of their grade. Appropriate dress is required for concert performances. Details regarding concert dress will be outlined at the outset of the school year.

Additional Requirements:
1. Students need to own or have access to an instrument of good quality and maintained in good playing condition.
2. Music will be provided and each student will be responsible for replacing lost music.
3. Students will be responsible for coming to class prepared to learn. A properly maintained music folder (provided by the director), pencil and notebook with paper are required for each class meeting. (Staff paper may be needed.) (These materials will be provided)
4. Students will demonstrate a positive attitude and aid in creating a positive learning environment.
5. Students will be expected to attend rehearsals and performances outside of the school day.

Grading Policy
5502.5 High School Grading, grades 9-12
Harrison County high schools shall be on a six-weeks grading period. Progress reports shall be sent home to all students at the middle of each grading period by a method determined at the school. Progress reports will represent a minimum of six assessments with the exception of alternating classes, which shall represent a minimum of three assessments per progress report. Parents and students may monitor progress through the county-approved electronic grading

1. Whole number percentages with no rounding (i.e. 92 89.9 =“B”), shall be printed on report cards for grading periods.

2. The following grading scale shall be used in all Harrison County high schools to assign semester letter grades on transcripts

A = 90 to 100
B = 80 to 89
C = 70 to 79
D = 60 to 69
F =0 to 59
I = Incomplete

a. Re-teaching and reassessment opportunities, including but not limited to referral to School based Assistance Team (SAT), shall be required for those students with an average below 50 percent at the time of a progress report. This requirement is satisfied at BHS on a continuous basis through Re-Test and Lunch to Learn (homework completion) programs. A plan shall be established by each School Leadership Team to be reviewed and presented to the Faculty Senate annually be September 1.

b. No + or - signs are to be used on report cards or transcripts. In the event a student repeats a class and earns a higher grade, both grades are recorded on his/her transcript, and therefore, are averaged into his/her cumulative GPA.

c. The summative assessment will be averaged as 10 percent of the semester grade with each of the six-week grades weighted as 30 percent.

d. A student can earn no more than two “F’s” during a semester to receive credit.

e. No student schedule change may be permitted after the first five (5) school days of each semester or term.

f. All grades of “Incomplete” shall be made up within the make-up days permitted at the discretion of the individual schools but shall not exceed the length of a grading period. An “Incomplete” shall default to an “F” by June 30 of the current school term.

g. The classroom teacher may assign a daily participation grade or may provide points for participation linked to the curriculum and content standards. Participation points cannot be linked to attendance, and a student shall be given an opportunity or alternate assignment to regain these participation points.
In co-curricular classes (i.e. band and show choir) attendance at performances may be considered as part of a student’s classroom grade. This shall be communicated to students at the beginning of the year/semester. In co-curricular classes (i.e band, theater, CTE business, and show choir) attendance at performances may be considered as a percentage of a student’s grade.

A written explanation approved by the school administrator before distribution to parents to explain performance attendance requirements and opportunities to make up missed performance grades for excused absences will be communicated to the students and parents at the beginning of the
year/semester. Performance make up assignments for excused absences, as assigned and administered by the teacher, will be of an equivalent nature to the original performance grade.

i. Once a student has taken the summative assessment, no provisions shall be made for re-testing, and the summative assessment grade becomes final. No summative assessments shall be given prior to the school’s prescribed summative assessment schedule with the exception of a legal obligation as approved by the Superintendent.

j. Each teacher shall provide a copy of the summative assessment to the principal at least 48 hours prior to the administration of the summative assessment. A study guide, rubric, or performance task/project outline shall be provided to the principal and students at least five (5) school days prior to the examination days. The principal shall have access to a key and all summative assessments taken by students at the conclusion of the semester.

Course Grading
Grades are based on a standard point system which are then converted into a percentage.
90-100%= A, 80-89%= B, 70-79%= C, 60-69%= D, 0-59%=F.

Grading System/Point Values
Marking Periods 1-6
All Extra Rehearsals - 25 pts.
All Class Rehearsals/Assignments - 20 pts.
All Performances - 50 pts.
Exercises – 25-100 pts. (Proficiency Tests)

Forgotten Instrument/Equipment/Music - “0” for that rehearsal/event
Uniform/Dress Infraction - 10 pts. per occurence
Late - 10% deduction from value of rehearsal/event
Inattentive, talking - 4 pts.
Improper posture, gum chewing - 4 pts.
Instrument/equipment not put away - 4 pts.

Calculation of Grades: Averaged together according to weights and scale as below.

Rehearsals/Classwork = 20% of grade for that grading period
The Rehearsal/Classwork grade will be used periodically to assess concepts and musical skills taught and practiced during rehearsal or class. It is important that students come fully prepared to complete any assignment (instrument, reeds/mouthpiece/mallets & sticks, music, pencil, iPad, etc.) Full participation in class, both during school and out of school, is required. In the event of a potential conflict with a scheduled after school rehearsal, students should complete an Absence Notification form 2 weeks in advance and complete the required make-up assignments as per the Harrison County Grading Policy (5502.5)

Performances/Assessments = 40% of grade for that grading period
Reasonable efforts are made to arrange some kind of performance in every grading period. Performances include evening concerts, assembly concerts at local schools community programs, Commencement, and/or appearances in other venues. Please note that performances (evening concerts, school assembly programs, etc) are an integral part of the music curriculum; they are not “optional.” Students should not make arrangements to work, babysit, travel, etc. that would result in a conflict with a scheduled performance. Students may not miss a performance for an extra-curricular sports practice. In the event of a potential conflict with a performance and a sporting event (meet, match, game, etc.) students should complete an Absence Notification form 2 weeks in advance and complete the required make-up assignments as per the Harrison County Grading Policy (5502.5)

Quizzes/Tests/Assessments = 25% of grade for that grading period
Content material relevant to this course will be covered in class and is also available in on-line sources. Students will be expected to know more than just how to play their own instrument. Content material will include concepts related to pitch, rhythm, notation, and fundamental music theory topics with the goal of integrating these concepts into performance for increased understanding.

Ear Training = 15% of grade for that quarter
Strengthening of aural (listening skills) is essential for total musicianship. Students are to complete the specified drills by the last day of the grading period. Students may work ahead.

Rehearsal (Practice)/Performance Make-Up Policy
Please note that after school practices and performances (evening concerts, school assembly programs, etc) are an integral part of the music curriculum; they are not “optional.”

Students may obtain an excused absence by:

1. Submitting an Absence Notification Form 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled practice or performance.
2. Submit a doctor or parent note stating the reason for the absence within 3 days of the missed practice or performance.

Grades for excused absences may be made up by completing the Make-up Assignment Form, which is available from Mr. Hayslette and posted at www.bridgeportmusic.org. The assignment must be completed within one (1) week after the performance/rehearsal that you missed or you will receive a zero (0) as a grade for that performance/rehearsal.

If you miss a rehearsal or performance and do not submit an Absence Notification Form 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled practice or performance or a doctor or parent note (up to 5) stating the reason for the absence within 3 days of the missed practice or performance, you will receive a zero (0) for that event and no make-up will be offered.

Alternative Assessments: Students may take advantage of the practice facilities in the school. Students are also encouraged to contact the director for help in this regard. Technology based exercises specified for students can be completed at their own pace during each grading period so long as they meet established benchmarks during that time. Students with specific identified issues are encouraged to contact the instructor well in advance so any accommodations (e.g. extended time for testing, enlarged print music, etc.) can be ready in a timely manner.

Participation is open to all students regardless of the pathway they have elected, as participation in a performing group is a potential life-long avocation. This course is also appropriate for any student having an interest in other subjects or potential careers such as acoustics, acoustical architecture, instrument design/construction, music merchandising, copyright law, music publishing, artist/venue management, etc.

Academic Honesty:
Making references to the work of others strengthens your own work by granting you greater authority and by showing that you are part of a discussion located within an intellectual community. When you make references to the ideas of others, it is essential to provide proper attribution and citation. Failing to do so is considered academic dishonesty, as is copying or paraphrasing someone else’s work. The consequences of such behavior range from failure on the assignment to out-of-school suspension. You will be encouraged to share ideas and to include the ideas of others in your papers and presentations. Please ask if you are in doubt about the use of a citation. Honest mistakes can always be corrected or prevented.

Classroom Expectations:
Band Room Rules:
1. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect others and they will respect yours.
2. Know the rules in the Bridgeport High School Handbook and abide by them.
3. Come to class promptly and follow the instructions on the board. Do not leave your seat without permission throughout the class period. Sign out/in whenever you leave the room during class. Hall passes will be limited. Please follow EMERGENCY USE guidelines as reason to be in the hall during class.
4. Come to class with required materials and ready to rehearse within two minutes of the bell. Be in the room en route to your seat before the bell rings.
5. Respect others and they will respect you. Take pride in your surroundings. (No food, gum, or drinks in the band room – Clean-up after yourself! – Leave No Trace!) You know what’s right – Do that! You know what’s wrong – Don’t do that!”

Sign Out Procedures
1. Ask permission.
2. Complete the sign out card. Include: Date, Time and Destination.
3. Take the Hall Pass with you.
4. When you return: List the time and return the Hall Pass.
Once a student reaches 4 class time sign outs, a parent/guardian will be contacted to see if there may be an underlying issue.


Discipline Procedure: Penalty, at the discretion of the director, may include: warning, reduction of daily grade, conference with student, phone call to parent, detention, or office referral. (Severe offenses will result in an office referral prior to other action being taken.)

The Beginning of Class: Students will be counted tardy if they are not in the room when the tardy bell rings, but it is important that they not just stand around once they arrive. With 5 minutes between classes, students will need to move quickly through the halls. Immediately upon entering the band room, students need to set about promptly getting their materials together to begin rehearsal. All of your classes will go better if you are ready to learn when you walk in the door.

THE BAND WEBSITE: www.bridgeportmusic.org
REMIND.com – Parents and students can text @tribejazz to 81010 in order to receive timely texts about band/percussion related events. "Remind" is a safe way for teachers to send text messages to students and stay in touch with parents. It is a notification program that sends out text and email messages directly from the teacher. It does NOT provide conversation interaction. Teachers create a class in REMIND and the class is assigned a unique code that is used when students and parents sign up for text or email notifications. The best time to reach Mr. Hayslette at school is from 12:00-12:30 pm each day. There is voice mail at the band office, and if you are unable to reach him, he will do his best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to making this a successful year for the Bridgeport bands. Please note Mr. Hayslette's e-mail address: chayslet@k12.wv.us

BAND BOOSTER NOTE: The BHS Band Patrons is an organization comprised of the parents of the band, percussion, frontline, jazz band, and steel drum students who make up the band program. Boosters meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Band Room. Band member families are automatically part of the Band Patrons. There are no membership fees required.

If you would like a hard-copy of this syllabus, please request one from Mr. Hayslette. We are taking steps to use less paper. Thanks.

The instructor reserves the right to make additions or changes to this syllabus at any time.
Students and parents will be notified in advance when policies or requirements change.

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