2019 Pre-Order Form
Pre-order for any of my 2019 events (or more than one). If you select the pre-pay option, invoices will be sent out within a week of the pre-order being received, no matter how far away the event is. Reminders for unpaid invoices will be sent two weeks prior to the event. All pre-payments must be made no later than three days prior to the event in question.

All pre-orders will receive a canvas tote (less than 4 orders - small tote; 4+ orders - large tote). Any orders of 4+ books will also receive a special gift. Pre-order pricing will NOT be available at the events. Should something happen to prevent a pre-order from being picked up, please contact me to arrange for shipping. Should I be unable to attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances, I will contact everyone who pre-ordered and pay for priority shipping for the orders. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Additional information is available on my website: www.vpbooks.com.

*pre-order discount price not available anywhere else

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