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Hi there! We are so excited that you are here!.
TMA is an online brand and a platform for progressive bodyweight training where we get people strong, mobile, and lean by taking them from simple bodyweight skills to more and more advanced ones in a safe and structured way. We are backed by a LeadSports Accelerator - run by Addidas family and ex-Redbull executives. You can learn more about TMA at and here

We are looking for an experienced trainer who will be
1. leading our content marketing efforts (mostly video content - creating YT videos & tutorials, Fb Lives, Q&As, etc)
2. leading our online group coaching launching later this year (weekly videos, personalized advice, training adjustments) and
3. be general support for our community eg. answering questions, comments and keeping everyone motivated

Who are we looking for?
-You have strong experience and background in calisthenics/bodyweight training or gymnastics. You are comfortable doing and teaching some of the advanced calisthenics moves. (teaching aspect is way more important)
-You are creative, have a great personality, and feel very comfortable on the camera. Ideally, you have experience with video content.
-You are energetic, people’s person  - you’ll be replying to comments, keeping our community motivated and engaged
-You can create awesome videos (we’ll support you so no editing skills needed but a willingness to learn as you will be the one having ownership of a creation process eg. picking the space, working with videographer when needed etc)
-You are comfortable working remotely - you’ll have a lot of freedom, but you’ll check in with the rest of our team daily and you’ll hang out with us on Slack

This is a freelance/ per hour or project-based position to start with. We hope that in time turn into a full-time role.

To apply simply create a quick video (the quality does not matter - you can do it with your phone - we just want to see you on the camera:) and answer these questions:

1. Tell us about your training/ coaching experience? (What's your background, specializations, philosophy)
2. Why are you applying for this role? Why do you think you are a good fit?
3. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years
5. Imagine your client wants to learn a planche. He can do around 5 pullups and is fairly mobile/ flexible. - What would be the steps you would take to get him there

We are excited to hear from you.

What's your name?
TO APPLY: Please create a quick video answering questions above and drop a link here. Try to keep it to 5 min MAX.
Have you created any online content before? (articles, videos, social media content) - drop links here if any
Where can find you online? (IG? Fb? YT?)
Do you have any online following at the moment?
What would be your hourly rate if hired?
Anything else we need to know?
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