Escape the City team - Escaping to New York

Hi everyone,

Thanks for clicking through. Rob and Dom are moving to New York for a couple of months this autumn to help Mikey build the US side of Escape the City.

We wanted to ask you (our existing Esc members) for help - to ensure that we maximise our time out there.

If you can help with any of the following please do let us know. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

> Introductions to US corporate professionals who have escaped to do something inspirational. We would love to share their stories on Esc.
> Introductions to exciting companies / employers / organisations in the States who might be looking to hire escapees. Listings are free while we get going.
> Posting volunteering positions and internships is always free on Esc... so any leads here are very welcome.
> Introductions to journalists who might be interested in writing about the website and the concept of people escaping unfulfilling corporate jobs.
> What events / conferences / meetups should we be aware of?
> Any leads for 2/3 BR for 2/3 month sublets in Manhattan from the end of Sept!
> Fancy going for a beer in New York?

Massive thanks in advance and if there's anything we can do in return please let us know.

Rob, Dom & Mikey

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