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Hi :)

Thanks for your interest in becoming a speaker at ProductCamp 2022 :)

Quick reminder: All speaking slots (except for morning and afternoon keynotes) are run in a barcamp format. It means we cannot guarantee a specific slot. You will choose your slot when you come to the venue on the day of your presentation.

Filling in this form is not a requirement to become a speaker. It's enough if you buy a ticket and come to ProductCamp and decide to do a presentation on the very morning of the event.

P.S. PLEASE REMEMBER to get a ProductCamp ticket. Participation in ProductCamp is not free for the barcamp speakers. It was always like that. As a barcamp speaker, you will get a 50% discount (offer valid only for people who have not bought the ticket yet), after the receiv. After ou only need to create a video invitation for your talk in the next step of a whole process (in the next form).

This form is only meant to collect your information if want us to announce your talk beforehand on social media and in the newsletter. It's always nice to invite the members of ProductCamp community before and let them know what you'll be talking about.


a) ProductCamp dates: 2-3 of June 2022.
b) As a speaker, you decide on the subject / session topic, but remember that your audience is smart and expects to receive knowledge, insights, stories and lessons not a sales pitch. Nothing overly promotional towards your company will make a good impression. Inspire and teach but please don’t sell.
c) At this point we only welcome presentations and sessions in English.
d) Your presentation should fall within a broad range of topics - digital product management / design / user research / growth > "List of preferred themes and topics" 

e) Your session can be a regular presentation, a quick workshop, a demo, panel or a Q&A thing,
f) Each session lasts 30min. We’re recommending max 25min for a presentation + 5min for questions/discussion,
g) By filling in this form you acknowledge and agree with the Speaker - Terms of Use (as part of our General Terms and Conditions)


We'll use the information provided to announce your talk on our social media. We'll also send you another form (from Feb onwards) to submit the video invitation (aka the pitch) - like this one here > 

We'll let you know when your video invitation is published on all our social media channels, so you can share it too.

Have fun and enjoy!

By Registering as a ProductCamp Speaker you acknowledge and agree with:

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