***The deadline to return this survey is July 20, 2020***
If a survey is not returned by the parent/guardian, the CISD will assume the student(s) will be physically attending in the fall.

1. Students who are opting for Home based Learning will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities as long as he/she is not in physical attendance on campus.

2. While PPE will be available, it is not the job of the CISD to enforce it's usage. If a parent wishes his/her student(s) to wear PPE, then it will be up to the parent to communicate that with the student(s). Staff will follow all recommended guidelines published by the TEA regarding the way school will be conducted.

3. If a parent/guardian chooses to utilize Home Based Learning, he/she must ensure that the student(s) is/are actively engaged in instruction each day. Per the TEA guidelines-Engaged is any of the following three: 1)progress made that day, 2)progress made from teacher-student interactions made that day or 3)turn-in of assignments that day. All attendance requirements set forth in statute by the State will be enforced.

4. Grading will be done as if the student(s) is /are in face-to-face instruction.Please understand that once a student is removed for Home Based Learning, he/she will be required to remain in Home Based Learning for the 6 weeks grading period. If a student is removed from campus instruction after the 3rd week of the 6 weeks, then the student will be required to remain in Home Based Learning through the following 6 weeks.
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If your student(s) are planning on staying in a home based learning environment, will you be picking up breakfast and lunch from the school each day?
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