Laredo College Library Questionnaire
Spring 2020
1. Which library are you visiting today?
2. Which of the following best describes you?
3. Why are you visiting the library today?
4. How many hours per day do you spend in the library?
5. How important is the library to you here at Laredo College?
6. Does the library provide an atmosphere suitable for learning?
7. Are online databases, journals, and books easy to access?
8. Do you know what the library's INTER/INTRA library loan service is?
9. How easy is it to use the library's computers and printers?
10. How easy is it to use the library's Wi-Fi system?
11. How helpful are the library staff in meeting your research needs?
12. What kinds of books would you like the library to order?
Your answer
13. In what ways can the library improve its services?
Your answer
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