Laredo College Library Questionnaire
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1. Which library are you visiting today? *
2. Which of the following best describes you? *
3. Why are you visiting the library today? *
4. How many hours per day do you spend in the library? *
5. How convenient are the libraries hours of operations? *
Very Convenient
6. Please rate the following library services. *
Needs Improvement
Library Collection (Books, eBooks, etc.)
Computer Services
Printing Services
Library Wi-Fi
Study Rooms
Customer Service
7. Do you agree that the following library instructional  services are beneficial to your overall academic goals? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Bibliographic Instruction
How-To Library Videos
Information Literacy Workshops
8. How well does the library meet your academic needs in terms of learning, teaching, and/or research? *
Needs Improvement
9. How important is the library to you here at Laredo College? *
10. Does the library provide an atmosphere suitable for learning? *
11. Are online databases, journals, and books easy to access? *
12. Do you know what the library's INTER/INTRA Library Loan services are? *
13. How easy is it to use the libraries computers and printers? *
14. How easy is it to connect into the Wi-Fi system in the libraries?   *
15. How helpful are the library staff in meeting your research needs? *
16. What type of books would you like the library to order?
17. Laredo College Libraries appreciate all student feedback. Please tell us how we can improve. *
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