Survey of WPC Participation

Background: In the Westminster Visioning Team Report, one of the immediate tasks is to establish a baseline measurement of congregational participation. This short survey will be asking questions about your participation in various activities at Westminster Presbyterian Church (“WPC”). Your responses are anonymous. We encourage each member and friend of Westminster to participate in this important survey! Thank you in advance!
1. How often do you attend WPC worship services? Pick the response that best describes your attendance: *
2. What service you do you usually attend? *
3. Are you currently serving on either Session or Deacons? *
4. If not currently serving on either Session or Deacons, have you served on either in the last 3 years?
5. Are you currently serving on a Ministry Team overseen by the Session, such as Christian Education, Administration, etc.? *
6. Have you served as a member of a special task force or team, such as the Visioning team, in the last 3 years? *
7. Are you currently active in any of the following groups, special teams or active service projects: (please check all that apply): *
If any of your activities were not mentioned in the previous question, please let us know what they are.
Your answer
8. Have you participated in any WPC-sponsored advocacy or service in the last two years? *
Examples: CROP Walk, Letter Writing, SacPride, Habitat for Humanity, Women’s Empowerment
9. If you are not currently active but plan to join one of the groups or WPC-sponsored advocacy listed in the next 6-12 months, please indicate.
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