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Please make sure you read the instructions carefully before you proceed to the placement test.

The test is to determine your current language level and help us find the right group for you. It is mandatory for all participants prior to the beginning of each course.

We kindly ask you to take this test seriously, which means you will not consult dictionaries, grammar books and/or your friends. After all, you are testing yourself and your linguistic knowledge.

You can choose one option only for each question. Should you not know an answer to a question, mark the « I don’t know » option. Note that there are no negative points, which means you cannot fail the test.

This test should take no more than 45 minutes. Please be advised to finish it once you have run it. Upon clicking the « Submit » button, your answers are no longer susceptible to change. Note that if you lose Internet connection or close the window without previously sending your answers, all data will be lost. It is only after following all the steps that we will be able to review your test.

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1. I am interested ___ sport.
2. ___ you married or single
3. She ___ a shower every day.
4. Please, be quiet. I ___.
5. It ___ dark. Shall I turn on the lights?
6. Are you ready? Yes, I ___.
7. It ___ me an hour to get to work.
8. I ___ a garden.
9. Where ___ last night?
10. We ___ to Kate’s house, but she wasn’t at home.
11. Tom burnt his hand when he ___ dinner.
12. Last Tuesday Lisa ___ to Paris.
13. Would you like something to eat? No, thanks, I ___ lunch.
14. Jim is on holiday. He ___ to Italy.
15. You’re out of your breath. ___?
16. When Sara arrived at the party, Jim ___ home.
17. Ken gave up smoking two years ago. He ___ for 30 years.
18. I usually ___ breakfast at 9.
19. I gave up smoking two years ago. I ___ to smoke 20 cigarettes a day.
20. What ___ on Saturday evening?
21. This food looks horrible. I ___ eat it.
22. That bag looks heavy. I ___ you.
23. ___ phone you tomorrow?
24. Don’t phone me between 7 and 8. I ___ lunch.
25. My grandmother ___ swim when she was young.
26. I was so tired. I ___ for two days.
27. The phone rang but I didn’t hear it. I ___.
28. Mary’s not at home. She ___ in her office.
29. I ___ forget to phone Susan. It’s her birthday today.
30. It’s a good film. You ___ see it.
31. You ___ believe everything you read in the newspaper.
32. If somebody pointed a gun at me, I ___ very frightened.
33. It’s late. It’s time we ___ home.
34. If it ___ tomorrow, I won’t go to the party.
35. It’s very crowded here. I wish there ___ so many people.
36. The office ___ every day.
37. My key ___.
38. When ___ the telephone invented?
39. Can I help you? No, thank you, I ___.
40. My car ___ last week.
41. I don’t like ___ told what to do.
42. We didn’t go to the party. We ___ invited.
43. Charlie said that he ___ in London now.
44. Anna told me you ___ ill.
45. Liz isn’t well today, ___? What’s wrong with her?
46. You haven’t seen Mary today, ___ you?
47. You can’t stop me ___ what I want.
48. They seem ___ a lot of money.
49. I’d like ___ abroad.
50. I ran 10 km without ___.
51. I’m looking forward ___ you.
52. I don’t mind ___ meat, but I prefer vegetables.
53. There ___ a big tree in the garden.
54. ___ raining again.
55. My sister has got a car but I ___.
56. A: I’m not happy. B: I’m not happy ___.
57. What’s she ___?
58. It ___ a long time to learn a language.
59. She said that her son ___ like the school.
60. I went to the shop ___ buy a newspaper.
61. Do you ___ every day?
62. Drink your coffee. It ___ cold.
63. I ___ my bed and went to school.
64. I don’t eat tomatoes. I don’t like ___.
65. Do you like ___ job?
66. ___ is that bag over there?
67. It’s difficult to find a place ___ park.
68. I went on holiday ___ myself.
69. I stayed at ___.
70. Alice works in ___ city centre.
71. Who is ___ best player in your team?
72. I need ___ new jeans.
73. There aren’t ___ children in the park.
74. I need ___ information about hotels in London.
75. ___ dangerous to walk in the road.
76. I’m tired. I’m going ___ home.
77. Look at ___ black clouds! It’s going to rain.
78. A: Which keys are yours?B: ___ on the table.
79. Can you lend me ___ money?
80. Do you drink ___ coffee?
81. Your English is very good. You make ___ mistakes.
82. I was ___ tired and hungry when I arrived home.
83. Sue works very ___.
84. Don’t write a letter. It’s ___ to phone.
85. Where’s the cheese ___ was in the fridge?
86. Dubai isn’t ___ Rome.
87. The film was___. I expected it to be much better.
88. It was ___ lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach.
89. Can you hear the radio? Is it loud ___ for you?
90. Everything they said was ___ true.
91. ___ she can’t drive, she has bought a car.
92. They treat me as if I ___ their own son.
93. ___ you were out, there was a phone call for you.
94. I learnt to drive ___ 5 weeks.
95. I’m starting my new job ___ 3rd July.
96. There is somebody ___ the door. Shall I go and see who it is?
97. I’m fed up ___ my job. I need a fresh start.
98. You’re walking too fast. I can’t ___ you.
99. His attitude ___ his job is very negative.
100. I prefer milk ___ coffee.
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