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Thank you for your interest in saving seeds, and helping to build seed sovereignty & food sovereignty for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate!

The Sicangu Food Sovereignty Initiative is excited to be able to offer open-pollinated seeds to our community members to help grow our seed bank and future community seed libraries. Seeds are available to individuals or programs located on the Rosebud Reservation, or tribal members who live within 30 miles of reservation borders. There is no charge to receive seeds.

You will be contacted anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks after you have submitted your request for seeds in order to confirm what seeds are available, arrange delivery or shipping, and, if you've never saved seeds before, answer any questions you may have about seed saving, how to plant your garden with the appropriate isolation distances so that seeds are true to type, and any other information to help you start your seed garden.

We have a limited number of open pollinated seeds, so while we cannot guarantee that requested seeds will be available, we will do our best to ensure that seeds are equitably distributed. Seeds may become unavailable this season if they have already been requested by other growers. We have a much larger catalogue of hybrid seeds, so if open-pollinated seeds become unavailable but you would still like to grow a particular crop, please review the hybrid seed catalogue and request hybrid seeds via our website.

We are asking that everyone who receives open pollinated seeds plant them according to recommended isolation distances, and return twice the number of seeds received to the Food Sovereignty Initiative in the fall of 2021 (2022 for biennial crops). This will allow us to continue to grow the seed bank with seeds adapted for our local climate, and continue to share seeds with community members for years to come.

If you are not interested in saving seeds, please review our hybrid seed catalogue and request seeds via the Hybrid Seed Request form located on our website (Community Resources Tab -> Food Resources Drop-down). There is no obligation to save or return hybrid seeds.

If you have never saved seeds before, please review the Seed Saving Guide, Planting & Seed Saving Reference for Common Crops, and Frost Date Planting Calendar located within the "Planting Guides" Section of our website (Community Resources -> Food Resources -> Planting Guides) before completing this form.

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I agree to follow recommended isolation distances for planting so that the seeds I grow will be "true to type" (have the same traits as the parent plant). I also agree to return twice the number of seeds that I receive. I affirm that I either have experience saving seeds, or, if I do not have seed saving experience, that I have reviewed the resources listed above. *
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