March 1, 2014: Mardi Gras Parade Registration! Details about the logistics for the event to follow- but register NOW and get started on your float today!


    1) While it is Mardi Gras themed, proper decorum and taste will be enforced. Public nudity is not allowed. 2) Floats are restricted to one vehicle, or one vehicle pulling one trailer, unless otherwise approved by the parade committee. 3) Please take safety precautions for your float riders and walkers. Riders should be either secured or positioned so they cannot fall from floats. Walkers should be kept at a safe distance from moving vehicles and have good visibility in any costumes. An adult must supervise youth participants. Animals must be leashed and accompanied at all time by a responsible individual. 4) Care must be taken when throwing or tossing items into the crowd. This includes beads, promotional materials, candy, etc. 5) Unsafe floats and/or participants or those deemed unacceptable by the parade committee will be asked to leave. 6) Because this is a family-friendly event, floats and/or participants deemed overtly controversial in nature will not be allowed to participate. 7) Please arrive to the parade in costume and ready to march. There will be no official changing area available.


    For good and valuable consideration, the undersigned hereby grants to the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, the rights to photograph, film or tape his/her image for the use in all forms of advertising. The undersigned further grants the right to use these photographs, films or tapes for any advertising or promotional use deemed appropriate by the Downtown Phoenix Partnership. The undersigned warrants that he/she is fully empowered and authorized to grant these rights. All aforementioned rights are granted to the Downtown Phoenix Partnership in perpetuity throughout the universe. As a Participant you agree to: 1) Follow the established Downtown Phoenix Mardi Gras Guidelines. 2) Ensure the safety of those involved and/or enjoying the event. 3) Not consume or distribute alcohol or other drugs (illegal and otherwise) before and during the parade. 4) Ensure proper conduct of those involved in your group/organization. Further, by signing, I/We agree and understand that the Downtown Phoenix Partnership is not liable for injury to persons participating in the parade, spectators or damage to vehicles and personal property. Further, we have reviewed the information provided by the organizers, including but not limited to the guidelines set forth in the Parade Participation Agreement and agree, if we participate, to comply with them as prescribed, and to indemnify and hold the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, its agents and assigns, harmless from any and all liability arising from participation in the event.
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