SRE Coaching Development Program (confidential application)
Coaching invites people to think bigger and bolder, to courageously step into ambiguous situations, and to forge more effective partnerships, to find solutions that work for them. Our coaches ask the right questions at the right time to help clients unlock untapped resourcefulness, see hidden potential, and gain awareness of unleveraged connections and opportunities and gain a deeper sense of self-awareness in the process.

SRE wishes for everyone to thrive and to be able to apply their best talents and ideas and to create a professional life that allows them to operate at their best. SRE is committed to making a positive impact on the world through professional development and . We are looking forward to doing our part by supporting leaders in need of personalized support during challenging times!

Several of our internal ICF certified coaches are working on their Associate Certified Coach accreditation and are looking for coaching clients to complete the required number of compensated coaching hours. For a limited time, they are offering their professional coaching services for a token price of $1 per session for 3 sessions.

If you are interested to receive professional coaching through this offer, you also agree to have your name and contact information and number of completed coaching session added to a coaching log, which will be sent to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for verification of accreditation requirements.
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