Climate Action Campaign SURVEY
HUUF Climate Action Campaign is conducting a survey of members and friends to learn what our Fellowship is doing individually or as a family/household to conserve resources and slow climate change caused by the use of fossil fuels. We would appreciate your help.

One Survey per person

Check all that apply to you and feel free to comment or add things we may have missed.
Your Name *
Number of People in your Household:
Reducing Use of Fossil Fuels (oil, gas, coal)
Reduce/ Reuse/ Recycle
Garden / Yard
Networking with Other Groups or People
What’s one new action you or your household plan to do for Earth month in April? (It can be large or small. For example, eat one vegan meal or reuse envelopes.)
Your comments and ideas:
All members who have not responded to the online survey by March 15 will receive it via USPS with return postage provided. Thanks for being part of HUUF’s Climate Action Campaign!
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