Django Girls Portland, OR - Coach Application
First of all: if you're reading this, that means you'd like to help us out during the Django Girls workshop on Friday, January 31st and Saturday, February 1st in Portland. You rock! Thank you.

We're doing this quick survey to gather all the information about potential coaches in one place, to get to know you better, and to make sure we can find a group of attendees who will be the best match for you.

We anticipate a lot of interest in coaching for this workshop, so we may not have space for everyone who applies. If that happens, we'll have to make some tough choices, but we thank you in advance for wanting to coach!
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Have you ever attended or coached for a Django Girls workshop before? *
Do you have other teaching or coaching experience? If so, could you tell us about it?
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Which operating systems are you comfortable with? *
Ideally, we would like to give you a group that works on the same operating system as yours
Are you available the evening of Thursday, January 23rd for an informational coaches' meeting? *
Answering "no" won't affect your selection as a coach, but the meeting will help us get to know each other better, and we'll have food for everyone in attendance! We also might be changing up the format of the workshop this time, so even returning coaches may want to stop by.
Are you available the evening of Friday, January 31st for the installation party? *
Answering "no" does not mean you won't be selected as a coach, but doing installation the night before helps attendees make it farther through the tutorial on Saturday.
Do you have any food allergies/restrictions?
We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, but in the event that we cannot we will be sure to let you know so you can plan ahead.
What size T-shirt do you wear? *
Fitted sizes often run small so PLEASE CONSIDER SIZING UP. We cannot guarantee that we will have an extra shirt if the size you chose doesn't fit you!!
To publish on our website
We would like to give you some visibility on our website and show how awesome you are for contributing your time and energy! It's also nice to give our attendees an idea of who they'll be working with. If you could, please provide us with the following:
Your Photo URL
At least 200 x 200 pixels please! If you don't have a URL handy, feel free to email your picture to
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Link to Twitter/Website
Only if you want us to link to it!
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