LNC Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire
The Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus (www.LPCaucus.org) has created this endorsement questionnaire to better inform our members at our national meeting on June 30, 2018. Any and all endorsements will be made at that time by the members; however, the Board has decided to form a committee to gather information for our members. This information will be reported to our members and posted publicly AS IS. We will NOT be editing any of your responses, but will format it into an easily consumable document (by position, and alphabetical). The deadline for responding is June 23, 2018 at 5:30p Eastern time.

This committee will base a suggestion to the caucus meeting on the results of this questionnaire and your county/state/national LP voting record, if one exists. Thank you for seeking our endorsement, and best of luck in your campaign for LNC leadership!

*NOTE: LPCaucus will not be making endorsements for regional representatives, but you are welcome to answer these questions and we will post them for state chairs and delegates to see anyway.

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