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    We are delighted to have Yves Moreau at the 2017 Kolo Festival, and this year marks Yves’ 50th year of teaching folk dance! In honor of this landmark, Yves has offered to give “50 Shades of Yves” workshops during his class slots at Kolo Festival. (This was a great hit at Stockton Camp last summer!) “50 Shades of Yves” means a request program in which dancers can request that Yves teach or review any of the multitude of dances he has introduced during the last 50 years. But to set this up and have syllabi ready, we need your input in advance!
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    To make Kolo Festival weekend even more fun, the board is considering offering dancing and music activities the evening before and the afternoon after Kolo Festival. We would like your input about this idea as well. These parties would be free (but tips for musicians are always appreciated.)
    A Thanksgiving dinner potluck
    A party in the evening after dinner
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    Thank you for your input. It is very helpful!

    PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SURVEY NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 31. Thank you! For more information about Kolo Festival 2017, please go to http://balkantunes.org/kolofestival

    Reference list of Yves' Dances (feel free to copy and paste!)

    A Deux Temps Abdala – Bulgaria An Dro Retrourné – Brittany Arapojna Arnautsko – Bulgaria Avant Deux de Travers (line dance version) – Brittany Bačkovsko Horo Bal des Montagnes Baldâzka Bannielou Lambaol – Brittany Bâtutâ Bebelekovsko Horo – Bulgaria Bičak – Bulgaria Bistriška Kopanica – Bulgaria Brass Band Medley - Serbia (Polomka, Metovnicanka, Kostenka) Bregovsko Horo – Bulgaria Čamčeto – Macedonia Čekurjankino Horo - Bulgaria Četvorno Horo Četvorno Shopsko Horo Čestata – Bulgaria Chaj Zibede – Roma Champs Elysées – France Chilili Coconeasa – Vlach Dajčovo Horo (Zizaj Nane) – Bulgaria Dans Plinn Danse Fisel Davorike Dajke – Serbia Delčevsko Oro – Macedonia Deninka (Moreau Version) – Bulgaria Denjovo Horo – Bulgaria Devojko Mari Hubava- Bulgaria Dimitrija – Bulgaria Divotinsko Djurdjevica – Serbia Dobra Nevesto – Macedonia Dobrudžanska Ruka – Bulgaria Dobrudzanski Buenek – Bulgaria Dospatsko Horo – Bulgaria Dramskoto – Bulgaria Drjanovsko Râčenica – Bulgaria Drijanovska Rŭčenica - Bulgaria Dujni Ranke – Macedonia Dvašti Trišti – Bulgaria Džangurica (Moreau) – Bulgaria Elenska Râčenica – Bulgaria Floricica (Moreau) - Bulgaria (Vlach) Galaona Gao Shan Qing – Taiwan Gavotte D'Honneur – Brittany Gilgoden – Brittany Gjuševska Râčenica – Bulgaria Glava li ta Boli Glavniško Četvoro – Bulgaria Grânčarsko Horo – Bulgaria GraovskoLouiHanter Dro – Brittany Hajde Kalino – Bulgaria Homoljanka – Serbia Hora de la Vrav - Bulgaria (Vlach) Idam Ne Idam – Bulgaria Învârtita (Moreau Version) – Romania Indijski Čoček Izručanka Jambolsko Jambolska Râčenia – Bulgaria Jiana – Romania Jove Malaj Mome – Bulgaria Jovica – Serbia Kamašica Kamenopolsko Kamišica Kapetan Vojvoda – Bulgaria Karamfil (Sva Nok Le Nado, Moreau Version) – Macedonia Kardamski Opas – Bulgaria Kardamski Opas – Bulgaria Loui Kokiče – Bulgaria Koljovo Horo – Bulgaria Kostursko Oro – Macedonia Krajdunavsko (Yves') – Bulgaria Kritikos Syrtos – Greece Krivo Ihtimansko Horo Krivo Petričko Horo – Bulgaria Krivo Plovdivsko Horo – Bulgaria Krivo Sadovsko Horo – Bulgaria Krusarski Opas, LouiKučinata Kukuvička – Bulgaria Kulska Šira Kulsko Horo Kumanovsko Oro – Macedonia La Bastringue – Quebec La Belle Catherine La Contredanse La Laine des Moutons Le Laridé de Locmariaquer (Moreau Version) – Brittany Le Laridé à 8 temps – Brittany La Masa Mare Şi Polobocul – Moravia La Noce des Oiseaux La Veille Bastringue Lazarska Rŭčenica Le Bal des Montagnes Le Capitaine Trompeur Le Cotillion Le Cotillion de Baie Ste-Catherine Le Laridé Le Panier Les Mains Blanches Les P'tits Chars Les Saluts Ljaskovsko Horo Ljaskovsko Horo – Bulgaria Liljano Mome – Bulgaria Lomskata – Bulgaria Makedonsko Narodno Malhao Bourée Mali Izvorski Opas – Bulgaria Mališevsko Horo Malhão – Portugal Maričensko Pravo Horo – Bulgaria Megdansko Horo – Bulgaria Minka – Bulgaria Mŭžki Buenek Momačka šetnja Momino Horo – Bulgaria Narodno Oro – Macedonia Neda Voda Nalivala – Bulgaria Nestinarsko Horo – Bulgaria Nevesto Cârven Trendafil - Bulgaria/Macedonia Nevrokopsko Horo Novolesko Horo Oj Dimitro Le – Bulgaria Opas Osmica Ostropat – Moldova Pajduško Horo Panagjursko Horo – Bulgaria Pandalaš/Kucata (2 part) – Bulgaria Pasarelska – Bulgaria Pentozalis – Greece Perniška Kopanica – Bulgaria Pinosavka Pletenica Plevensko Dajčovo Horo Pogonisios (Yves') – Greece Polka Piquée – Brittany Pomaško Sirto – Bulgaria Porunceasca – Bulgaria Pravo Horo Pravo Kapansko Horo Pravo Peštersko Horo – Bulgaria Pravo Rodopsko Horo (Yves') Pustono Lado i Mlado – Bulgaria Pravo Šopsko Horo Pravo Trakijsko Horo Preskačanka – Bulgaria Proletno Horo Promoroáca- Romania Quadrille de Saint-Basile Raca Plava Radomirsko Horo Radomirska Lesa Ravno Oro – Macedonia Razložko –Bulgaria Rusensko Horo Ripna Maca - Bulgaria/Serbia Sâbrali Sa Se Sâbrali – Bulgaria Sadi Moma – Bulgaria Salajan Sandansko Horo - Bulgaria/Macedonia Sarit din Bogdan Voda – Romania Satovčensko Horo – Bulgaria Schottische D'Auvergne – France Seguidillas de Gran Canaria - Canary Islands Sej Sej Bop – Bulgaria Set De Fortierville Severnjaška Rŭčenica Silistrenska Tropanka – Bulgaria Silistrenski Opas Slivensko Pajduško Horo Šira Sitna Zborenka – Bulgaria Sitno Mališevsko Sitno Žensko Horo – Bulgaria Skopsko Zaramo - Zajko Kokorajko – Macedonia Slivenska Račenica Šopski Lazarki Šopsko za Pojas Starčeska Rŭčenica Staro Bansko – Bulgaria Staro Kulsko Horo Staro Pomaško – Bulgaria Stiga mi Se Momne Le Stella Di Maggio – Switzerland Strandžansko Pajduško Su Passu Torrau - Moreau version – Italy Šumenska Talima – Bulgaria Svadbarska Răčenica Takanata Talima Tervelska Rŭka Tervelska Tropanka – Bulgaria Trakijska Râčenica Na Horo (Moreau Version) – Bulgaria Trakijska Rŭčenica Trite Pâti from Sliven – Bulgaria Trite Pŭti Trite Pŭti ot Strandež Trite Pŭti (Slivenski) U Kruševo Ogin Gori – Macedonia Valle Pogonishte – Albania Valle Pogonište Varnenska Tropanka – Bulgaria Varnenski Kjuček – Bulgaria Vidinsko Horo – Bulgaria Vodeno HoroLouiVlaško Horo Vlaško (Short Yves' version) – Bulgaria Vŭlčidolska Kucata Zavedi me Jalino Zborenka Žensko Za Râka – Macedonia Žikino Horo Žvansko Oro