Wood Street Bakery Survey
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2. Assuming a local bakery could provide freshly baked goods meeting your quality and price expectations, what are a few products you would consider buying? Please be as specific as possible. *
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3a. What criteria do you use when purchasing baked items? Please rate the following items on a scale of 1 (least important) to (5) most important: *
3b. If applicable, please let us know if you have any other special considerations when buying baked goods:
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4. How often do you purchase the following baked goods? *
Occasionally (every few months)
Often (every 1-2 weeks)
Cinnamon Rolls
Dinner rolls or baguette
Artisan breads
5. In lieu of the not-so-healthy aspects of certain baked goods (e.g., high-fat, high-sugar, low fiber, preservatives), please describe your willingness to try products with the following health-promoting changes. *
Like or Prefer this change
Open to trying this (neutral)
No thanks / Not Appealing
Less sugar
Less fat
Lighter icing on cakes
Partial use of whole grains
Use of fresh fruits / vegetables (e.g., carrots, zucchini, apples, bananas, berries)
Addition of nuts or ground nuts
6. Would you be willing to order and pay for baked items over the internet (e.g., via PayPal, or some other SSL certified transaction)? *
Background: Wood Street Bakery operates under a "home occupation permit", which allows us to produce baked goods in a dedicated kitchen at our home, but does not allow baked goods to be picked up by the customer on those premises. This avoids heavy traffic in a residential area. The following questions explore alternative payment and distribution methods.
7. Which method(s) of distribution would be acceptable? *
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What would you consider a reasonable delivery fee to be? *
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What would you consider a reasonable minimum order dollar amount to warrant free delivery? *
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If the minimum order amount could be reached by summing orders of several households in your neighborhood, could you see yourself agreeing to have your home address serve as the common drop-off point? *
Note: This is the same concept as CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), if you're familiar with that. The goods would be pre-paid. The person whose home is the drop-off point would not be responsible to deliver the goods, and the goods could be placed on a porch, or other "safe" location outside the house.
8. Assuming you had baked goods delivered to your home, which of the following drop-off time slots would be acceptable? *
Please select all that apply
If you have taste-tested our granola, this would be a good place to give us feedback (positive or negative).
Thanks so much for participating!!
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