Indoor Groups Policy Agreement
Approved by Myers Memorial UMC Church Council on 9.13.2020

The safety of all our members and guests is our overriding priority. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues we are monitoring the situation closely and following the guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, local health authorities, and the directions given to us by the Bishop of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the potential risk of exposure at Myers Memorial UMC (MMUMC), we are asking that all participants covenant to the following before coming to our campus for an indoor small group function.

Should you have questions about the policies below, please email and you will be forwarded to the Reopening Task Force for further discussion.
Group Representative (name) *
Representative's Email *
What Group do you Represent?
The Group must be planned in advance and approved on the MMUMC church calendar. *
The Group meeting should be held to one hour or less. *
The Group can meet indoors in approved spaces as the individual space allows. Multiple groups can meet simultaneously as long as they remain in their designated spaces. *
The Group leader must communicate requirements to all participants prior to the group meeting so that everyone is fully informed. (For example, you may choose to email this document to all participants.) *
Approved spaces for group use: Sanctuary (25), CFC (25), Asbury Class (6), Youth Lounge (12), Narthex (10), Handbell Room (3). This number includes volunteers, leaders, and participants. *
Participants are to enter and exit according to the space being utilized. Access to these spaces are:
~ Narthex (enter and exit via stained glass doors of the Sanctuary)
~ Youth Room (enter and exit via back door at Scout Hut)
~ Asbury Room (enter and exit via CFC portico door)
~ CFC (enter and exit the building via Office doors, enter and exit the CFC via the CFC doors in the office space)
~ Handbell Room (enter and exit via music suite doors) *
The Group leader should plan to arrive early enough, to prop the door open so that he or she is the only person to touch the door handle. Participants should all enter and exit from the opened door. *
Participants are asked to bring their own chairs or use the chairs provided in the space. The Group leader is responsible for sanitizing and cleaning all provided chairs that were used at the conclusion of the meeting. *
Participants must agree to stay in the group meeting space. Restrooms are only to be used in an emergency situation. Restrooms are available in the designated area for your group space. High touchpoint areas in the restrooms should immediately be wiped down and sanitized by the individual when used. The church office should also be informed of any bathroom usage so that a follow-up cleaning can happen after the event. *
Participants are asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival and regularly throughout the event. Groups are responsible for providing their own hand sanitizer. *
Participants agree to practice social distancing at all times (remaining 6 feet apart) throughout the event. *
Participants over the age of 3 are required to wear a mask or face covering. *
The Group leader must complete an attendance roster indicating the names and a contact number for all participants. If the participant is a minor, the parent/guardian must also be listed. *
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