Family Pod Interest Survey
Please complete this survey if you are interested in forming a "pod" with one or more Ingenuity Prep families.
A "pod" is a small group of students that come together to do virtual learning and or support each other with childcare while school remains virtual.

Families who complete this survey will get access to the information of others who complete the survey and will be invited to join a private Facebook group where they can message other families who have expressed interest in forming a "pod".
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How many student's in your family will attend Ingenuity Prep this year? *
What grades will your student(s) be in this year (check all that apply)? *
I am interested in connecting with other families for the following: *
Please share more details about what you are looking for in a "pod". *
I understand that by completing this survey, my information will be shared with other families who are interested in forming a pod. *
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