DX TechTalk #1
dx TechTalk is a series of events for the never-ending curiosity of developers and IT enthusiasts.
If talking about FinTech, developing software solutions for the capital markets and/or simply getting in touch with like-minded people in an informal setting is your thing, then you are more than welcome to our newfound Devexperts community! :)

Our first event in Sofia will happen on March 21st @ 7:00 PM at our lovely office situated in Vertigo Business Tower, Floor 15th

In the opening part, Viktor Andonov, CEO & Country Director at Devexperts will officially open the very first #dxTechTalk community event.

“Devexperts & the Art of FinTech”

How much do you know about the FinTech industry and the various software solutions you can develop?
Viktor will pass the torch to Artem Chuprina, one of our star PMs who will explain Fintech in the simplest terms and also share a few words about Devexperts and our technological stack.

“Turning weird JS patterns into state-of-the-art code” 
For our first #dxTechTalk chapter, we’ve also invited one of our most passionate Front-end developers - Anton Sutarmin who will tell us more about Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) and their interesting concept from functional programming. Anton will show some cases when ADTs can help us turn weird but common JS patterns into a more beautiful and safer code with examples in Typescript.

More event details here: https://www.meetup.com/dx-TechTalk/

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