Young learners - EFL exam
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Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.

Example: This animal can fly and it comes out at night : a bat
1. You can eat this from a bowl. Sometimes there are vegetables in it. *
2. This is the biggest animal in the world. It lives in the sea. *
3. This is part of your body. All your food and drink goes here first. *
4. This big animal lives in hot countries and eats leaves and grass. *
5. This is between your neck and your arm. *
6. Mothers give this white drink to their babies. *
Part 2
Look and read
Write Yes or no. Example:

There are five towels in the bathroom: Yes
The two smallest bears are washing their faces: No
1. A big brown bear is having a shower. *
2. There are some glasses below the mirror. *
3. The blue bear is fatter than the yellow bear. *
4. There are four toys in the bath. *
5. There are a lot of boxes in the cupboard. *
6. The floor is wet and there is a toothbrush on it. *
Read the text and choose the best answer. Peter is talking to his friend Jane.
Jane: -Hello Peter. How are you?

Peter: A- I'm not very well.
B- I'm John's cousin.
C- I'm going outside.

Answer: A
1. What's the matter? Have you got a headache? *
2. Would you like to come to my house? *
3. Have you got a coat? *
4. Do you want a drink of water? *
5. Shall I walk home with you? *
6. Is your mum at home? *
Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-6. There is one example.
My name is Daisy. I like toys, but I like books and COMICS best. I love stories about men on the moon and about (1)____________________________ who live in different countries. I read a good story yesterday. In this story, a boy climbed a (2)____________________________. At the top, there was a lot of snow. It was evening, but the boy could see the forest below him. He (3)____________________________ down on a rock to have a drink and to look up at all the (4)_____________________.
But then he (5)____________________________ something that he didn't understand. Something very big and round flew quietly and quickly behind a cloud. What was it? The boy didn't know and he didn't wait to see it again. He (6)________________________ home to his village because he was very afraid. I wasn't afraid! I enjoyed the story a lot.
1 *
2 *
3 *
4 *
5 *
6 *
Choose the best name for the story. (Pick one) *
Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.
Vicky lives with her parents and her two brothers, Sam and Paul, in the city. Last week, they had a holiday by the sea. Sam is ten, Vicky is eight but Paul is only five. They went to the cinema on Wednesday because it rained all day. They saw a film about sharks. The sharks had very big teeth. Paul didn't like watching them and he closed his eyes.
Vicky's family went on holiday last ______week_______
Vicky has two _________brothers________ who are called Sam and Paul
1. The family had a holiday by _____________ *
Your answer
2. It _____________________ all day on Wednesday and the family went to the cinema. *
Your answer
3. Paul didn't enjoy seeing ___________ in the film. *
Your answer
On Thursday, Paul thought about the film. He didn't want to swim in the sea. He sat on the beach and watched Sam and Vicky. They played in the water. Mum gave Paul an ice cream but he didn't want it. Then Dad said, "Come on Paul! Let's go for a swim". But Paul didn't want to.
4. Sam and Vicky ____________ in the sea. *
Your answer
5. Paul didn't want the ice cream that his ________ gave him. *
Your answer
6. Dad wanted to go for _____________ with Paul. *
Your answer
On Friday, the family ate breakfast in the garden because it was very sunny but Paul didn't want any. Then, they all went to the beach again. The sea was very blue. Paul looked. There were three beautiful dolphins in the water! He ran to the sea and swam to them. Then Paul's dad threw a ball in the sea and the dolphins played with it. It was great and Paul stopped thinking about the sharks in the film. That evening, all the family went to the cinema again. This time the film was about a funny dolphin and they all enjoyed it.
7. The family had breakfast in __________ on Friday. *
Your answer
8. Paul saw ____________ in the water. *
Your answer
9. Paul's dad ____________ into the water. *
Your answer
10. All _______________ enjoyed another film at the cinema on Friday evening. *
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Read the text. Choose the right words.
Cats have good eyes. They can see very well at night. (1)__________ cats climb trees and eat meat. They can move very quietly and catch animals. Then they eat them. They have strong teeth. There (2)__________ small cats and big cats like lions and tigers. Only tigers live (3)______________ the jungle. Lions don't. Some people go and see lions and tigers at the zoo. A lot of people have small cats in (4)______________ homes. These cats are pets. People (5)______________ them because they are beautiful.
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2 *
3 *
4 *
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