Daisy Pool Cover or Roller Quote Form
Please feel welcome to also email us a diagram along with the answers below
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Using the how to measure diagram, please provide the size of your pool in metres, please provide Pool Width (A) and Pool Length (B) in metres.
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If you need more advice on how to measure for a quote, this video will help you
Please include total length (B) in metres and total width (A) in metres if you have not listed it below the diagram
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Does your pool have a step? Please note if your step is at the end of the pool and not on the side, you need to include it in the overall length of the pool as they cannot add to the length of the blanket for a step, only the width
If your pool has a step is it on the RHS or LHS when looking from the shallow end of the pool?
What is the length and width of your step in metres? See diagrams for assistance. If you have a kidney shaped pool just ignore the questions about steps and measure as per diagram without a step
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Is your step at the end of the pool or middle of the pool?
If your step is not at the end, please use the diagram that shows step not at the end and provide distance from each end. You can do this by emailing us a diagram with measurements when you are ready to order but for now you can just list A, B, A1, B1 and distance from the end for us so we can quote the price for you
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What cover shall we quote you on? Note the thickest 525 micron covers do last longer
If you need a quote on a roller, which roller shall we quote? If you choose one that does not suit the size of your pool, we will quote the closest option.
If you already have a roller, do you need the attachment kit (refit kit) to reattach your new blanket to your existing roller? Please note if you are ordering a roller it will come with an attachment kit included
If you already have a roller, do you need an over cover to protect the blanket once rolled up. You will likely already have one, but some customers find it has worn out so they need a new one to protect their new blanket. If you need an over cover we need to know the length of the roller tube in metres. Please note if you are ordering a roller it will come with an over cover included.
Picture shows over cover (and roller leg)
The white material is the over cover protecting the blanket when rolled up
If you need an overcover for an existing roller, please list the length of your roller tube below in metres
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Delivery is $25 or you can choose to collect from Daisy in Welshpool
Do you want Daisy to install your item/s? We can organise the professionals at Daisy to install your items for you if you live in the metro area.
What email address would you like your quote emailed to?
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