Apply to attend TEDxKazimierzWomen - 7th Dec 2019
TEDxWomen is a global conference that provides a stage for women to inspire; it specifically focuses on the unique way in which women contribute to global change and thus helps to reshape the future.

Our TEDxKazimierzWomen event in the Barakah Theatre in Kazimierz is our first event with live speakers - and as in previous years includes a livestream from the main TEDWomen conference in the United States.

The livestream is in English, so the whole of this event will be in English.

Tickets to our event will cost in the range of 30-50 zloty. This covers our costs. Neither the speakers, or the TEDxKazimierz team are paid. (A ticket to TEDWomen in the US costs $3,000)

We will notify all successful applicants with details of how to pay latest two weeks before the event

To add even a small hint of extra excitement for you all, here's an extract from the TEDWomen 2019 description:

“This is our year to be bold and brilliant — without apology. At TEDWomen 2019, we’re shining a spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of the world’s most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators. Celebrating pioneers making power moves, brilliant people who are just getting started, and those who tirelessly show up as allies and advocates. TEDWomen 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism.”

What are planning the below program:

- live stream TEDWomen 2019 talks in front of an audience of over 100 people. Guaranteed to be thought-provoking and inspiring!
- at least one live speaker, chosen by TEDxKazimierz team, to share an inspiring idea or project from the stage!
- amazing performers;
- workshops
- integration activities.
- some light refreshments
- our Christmas after-party at Hevre!

We will provide more details closer to the date. Proceedings will start around 12-18, and the afterparty from 19:30- til late.

We would love you to apply to join us for this amazing day with this form:

TEDxKazimierz applies audience curation which means we do not allocate tickets on a "first come first served" basis. We look at each application on its merits. We award tickets to the applicants who make clear not just how they can benefit from participation in our event but also how they can contribute, both on the day of the event and using the ideas afterwards to benefit other people. This means that the people who come to the event are part of the reason for being there.

For more information about this unusual policy - please read this blog post.

If you would like to nominate an idea or speaker for our events in 2020 go here:

We will check the application and maybe we will have some place to invite your speaker and share their ideas to the world!

If you would like to be involved in TEDxKazimierz team apply here:

Apply to join us now.

See you on 7th December!

Richard Lucas, Alina Usyk and the TEDxKazimierz Team

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