RwC Guest Contributors Agreement
Terms and Conditions

This is to acknowledge that you are sharing an original piece of content with Raising World Children (RwC) magazine.

1. Content published on Raising World Children must be original and not posted anywhere else on the Internet. Although contributors are encouraged to share excerpts from their posts on their personal blogs, content cannot be republished in its entirety for 6 months after publish date.

2. By publishing content on Raising World Children, you understand that RwC holds First Publication Rights and you need to reference the content back to us when republished after the agreed 6 month period is over. You may freely link to the content on your blog.

3. Contributors will adhere to all the terms and conditions listed on the website as well.

4. Contributors must adhere to the Content Guidelines stated by Raising World Children. This includes keeping content free of profanity, opinion-editorials, and sexual language.

5. Posts may be edited/removed at the author’s request and/or at the discretion of Raising World Children.

6. Contributors must abide by copyright laws and FTC guidelines when publishing content. This means no content, photos, or videos may be published without written consent from the original author, photographer, or videographer. When writing a review or sponsored post, the author must clearly disclose that they received compensation (this includes a free product or service) in exchange for writing the post. You use third party links at your own risk.

7. By signing this agreement you understand that you will not be compensated for the content that you post on Raising World Children. You understand that any benefits that you may receive for your contribution is voluntarily offered by and no expectation of goods or services should be expected.

8. The content is the sole opinion of the contributor and Raising World Children is in no way liable for what their opinion is. Neither is RwC liable for any deletion or damage to content uploaded on the RwC website.

9. The contributor will in no way ever vandalize the website/content or harm the reputation of Raising World Children in anyway. Nor will they copy the trademarked content or logo.

* Created : 6/5/2017 - Raising World Children holds the right to update to the above mentioned terms and conditions at any time.

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