FreezerBurn RV Registration
All RVs, Campers, and other large vehicles will be required to register with and be placed by City Planning:
- All RV placement is subject to City Planning approval and placement onsite
- RV's larger than 25' must be parked in the centrally-located RV area
- The RV Zone Ambassador on duty will work with you to place your RV upon arrival
- Please register your RV by 19 Nov
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Your Vehicle May Get Stuck ... the risk is yours. You may be required to pay for your own towing. Giant Mud Ruts = Leaving a Trace (hover over picture for RAIN RULES).
Rain Rules: - Stay on the paved road, stay alert and do not go around road blocks, do not drive into Theme Camps or off the road!- Do not move your vehicle during or after a rain event - Do not attempt to park your vehicle by yourself, Zone Czars will help to ensure correct placement - If your camp is not directly accessible via a main road, coordinate with Zone Czars for assistance - You may be required to haul in your camp from the road, so be prepared (dolly, cart, etc)!- You may be required to pay for a tow truck if you become stuck
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Is this vehicle included in a Theme Camp Placement request?
If so, which Theme Camp?
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Are you our City Planning Parking Lead this year and if so, what are your qualifications?
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