Permission Form - Dutch Debate Ranking
The Dutch Debate Ranking is meant to give a clear and official overview of the results of debaters at debating tournaments in the Netherlands. Only debaters that are a member of a Dutch society will be taken into account. For each speaker, the 4 best results are added to get to a total score. These results will be published on our website, where you can also find more information and the regulations: (Dutch:

We ask you to give permission to publish your name and results on the debate ranking or to indicate that you do not want to participate. If you participate, then you can indicate that only your participations to tournaments in Dutch or English will count. In that case, only your 3 best results will be taken into account (the 4th score is determined as the average of the other 3 results). Per academic year, only your first submission of this form counts.

Of course, you can ask us at any time to remove your records from the debate ranking. You can do this by sending an email to We will then do so as soon as possible.
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