The Flagship Program at CS Porter: 2020 Winter/Spring Enrollment
What is the Flagship Program?
The Flagship Program is a community-school partnership that enhances the social, academic, cultural, and physical achievement of Missoula’s youth by creating opportunities that help them to succeed and grow to become healthy and productive adults. It is FREE for all Porter youths. Visit for more information!
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I have noted the times and dates of the activities listed and will help ensure my child’s participation. If my child will be absent I will notify The Flagship Program at CS Porter. I also understand that my child cannot be in the school unsupervised after The Flagship Program at CS Porter ends.
An agreement for Youth *
I agree to participate in the program and will be present unless I have informed The Flagship Program at CS Porter of my absence in advance (note or call from parent/guardian). I also understand that I cannot be in the schoolunsupervised after Flagship ends.
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