Grade 7 - Unit 4 Assessment
Class Requirements:

All Grade 7 students are responsible for learning the material in each unit, even if we do not have the opportunity to cover it in class. They are expected to independently read the chapters in their book and make note of the vocabulary terms that are introduced in each chapter in order to complete their homework assignments.

All Grade 7 students must also complete 6 hours of Christian Service for the year.

All Grade 7 students must complete four homework assignments called Unit Assessments. These consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer questions. These should be done online at this site and are due at the end of each unit or when indicated on the class schedule.

In addition, students in our homeschool program are also required to complete the 25 individual session reviews posted on the Grade 7 homeschool page on our program website.

Completing Unit Assessments:

Note to Students: After answering all the questions and clicking the “submit” button, links will be provided for you to check and edit your score. You must have a perfect score in order for your homework to be complete. Therefore, if you did not answer all the questions correctly, make note of the questions you got wrong (the correct answer will be provided) and close the window to return to the previous screen. Click the edit link to change your responses to the questions you got wrong. Continue repeating this process until you get a perfect score! On the first page, a link to the pdf version of the unit assessment is provided for anyone who wishes to download it to record the correct answers. Also, when you click “submit” you will receive an email at the address you enter on the first page with the edit link in case you close the window by mistake.

This Unit Assessment must be completed online. However, if you would like to download and print a copy of it to help you answer the questions, click this link:
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