New Vinegar Hill Project Design & Research Fellow Application - 2017/18
The destruction of the vibrant African-American community of Vinegar Hill, the University's Participation in the Massive Resistance to the racial desegregation of the city's public schools and the University's long history as a place of white male privilege have all contributed to the well-known chasm between the University and black community in the city. Together with a committee of community leaders and with support through the Provost's Flash Funding program, we will draw on the expertise, research and resources of the University to proactively support the building of a strong and growing black middle and upper class through a robust African-American community led redevelopment initiative including affordable housing, entrepreneurship and career pathways. By bringing together community leaders and University research fellows in a Design Thinking process we intend to complete the initial research and decision-making process during this 2017-2018 school year.

The committee leading the Vinegar Hill Research & Design Project are hiring for two paid fellowship positions running through the end of the 2017-2018 school year. To apply, submit your resume (PDF format) and a short response to the prompt below (200 word maximum).

After you apply, Christine Mahoney, Director of Social Entrepreneurship @ UVA, will follow-up to schedule an initial phone call and discuss additional steps in the application process.

There will be three fellows hired and the positions will be 10 hours per week at $12 per hour.
Application Deadline: Friday October 20th.

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